Snowshoes belong to winter equipment that facilitates the passage through the deep snow. Today, walking on snowshoes is an exciting blend of sports, recreation and enjoyment in nature. Not so long ago, snowshoes were made in the form of a tennis racket and were the necessary winter equipment for crossing large distances covered by snow. These endless spaces are something that we see today in movies. Kopaonik offers you the opportunity to experience it yourself, so that you are so exposed to nature to think that you are part of a movie as well. At only 15 minutes walk from the center you will find yourself in a zone where you will not feel the presence of a man, and in half an hour you will think that you are alone in the world. And this is a real rarity nowadays, and you will not find this luxury easily. Walking on snowshoes is quite simple, regardless of the condition, practically everybody, even children can do it. Snowshoes today have a rather modernized look with a wrist in the middle that makes walking on the snow simple. They are attached to winter shoes. In addition to snowshoes, snowflakes are used and of course, for night tours we have provided ice lamps. 90 minutes with break in one of the huts is 20 €. Only equipment rental is 10 €.

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Hotel Club A as of this year, as part of its sporting and recreational offer has an everyday group yoga classes and individual yoga classes. Group classes are held every day, in the morning and evening, and individually in agreement with clients. Each yoga time is adapted to the needs of the current practitioner. No special flexibility or power is required. It only takes the will to revive your body and bring it with subtle techniques into psychophysical well-being. Each tutor works for easier or more difficult position variation with consciously relaxing breathing. Yoga is a physical and mental activity that can be used by people of all ages. One yoga-hour implies yoga poses, breathing technique (meditation) and yoga nidra (yoga technique of deep relaxation). Yoga training helps * developing strength and flexibility of body and mind * Removes spine and holding problems * Improves the circulation and condition of vital internal organs * develops awareness of oneself and environment * antistress therapy

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