Gastro Corner

A La Carte Restaurant

Same way seductive charm of the ambient is intertwining with the warmth of the home atmosphere, the new gastronomic tendencies are tastefully embraced by traditional culinary masters. Our executive chef and his team are not compromising when it comes to menu selection and quality. Excellent cooperation with local marketers and producers of organic groceries help us bring taste fantasies to reality.

Chill & Grill

The irresistible specialties such as famous Kopaonik grill or so-called "chill & grill", and steaks cooked to perfection are signature dishes and the main recommendations of our restaurant.

Our Vines & Drinks

The final touch to each meal is given by the best selection wines “Dragic” coming from small family vineyard. Full bouquet, colorful palette, rich texture, body, length, touch of berries, dark chocolate, leather, fine spices are just to name a few synonyms for this wonder in the glass.

Muzika Uživo